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High-quality Injection Molding Services

We master injection molding through extensive experience in the field.

Choosing Formax Plastics for your plastic injection molding projects is a wise decision. The easy accessibility of our management team allows every customer to benefit from the extensive experience of the owners and their industry relationships. Our competitive prices and fast delivery times ensure smart and swift project execution.


Our Proven Process

1. Design and Prototyping

Before commencing production, we design and create prototypes to ensure the optimal form, functionality, and aesthetics of your product. Our experienced staff ensures that every detail is perfectly fine-tuned.

2. Mold Design

Our specialized team designs high-precision molds to ensure the quality and consistency of each produced part. Every detail is meticulously considered for a seamless molding process..

3. Production

Using our state-of-the-art equipment (ranging from 85 to 400 tons) and expertise, we transform raw materials into finished products. Our injection molding process ensures efficient production and consistently high-quality parts.

4. Assembly

If your project requires multiple components, our assembly team takes care of precision assembly, ensuring that each element fits together seamlessly.

5. Packaging

After the manufacturing process, we carefully package your products to ensure their protection during transportation and storage. We make sure each piece is well-protected and ready for delivery.

6. Warehousing

Our secure storage facilities ensure your products are kept in optimal conditions until they are ready for shipment. We maintain a controlled environment to preserve quality.

7. Transportation

Through our reliable logistics network, we ensure the timely and secure delivery of your products to where you need them. Your satisfaction is our priority, from production to delivery.


Industries We Cater to

Formax Plastics Industries Biens de consommation

Consumer Goods

In the field of consumer goods, our expertise in plastic injection molding brings innovative and functional products to life. From designing elegant household items to manufacturing clever devices, we create solutions that enrich the daily lives of your customers.

Formax Plastics Industries construction


The construction industry requires durable and high-performance solutions. Our plastic injection molding offers endless possibilities for the production of essential components, from structural elements to aesthetic finishes. We contribute to building strong and aesthetically pleasing environments for construction projects.

Formax Plastics Industries Traitement des eaux-1

Water Treatment

In the water treatment sector, reliability is essential. Our expertise in plastic injection molding allows us to produce high-quality parts for water treatment equipment. Whether it's chemical-resistant pipes or filtration components, we contribute to efficient water management.

Formax Plastics Industries électronique


Modern electronics demand precise and tailored solutions. With our expertise in plastic injection molding, we design enclosures and components that protect and optimize electronic devices. Our products combine functionality and aesthetics, meeting the dynamic requirements of the electronics industry.


Our Trusted Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our injection molding projects:

What is the tonnage of your machines?

Our machines range from 80 to 400 tons.

What materials do you inject?

We work with nearly all materials, including PP, PE, ABS, nylon, TPE, TPU, and more.

What is the minimum quantity for production at Formax Plastics?

There is no minimum quantity with us, but we do charge a setup fee to install your mold on one of our machines.

How long should I expect between the prototype and the delivery of my final product?

The average lead time is typically between 4 to 6 months, with mold design and transportation being the factors that can take the most time.

Do you have industrial designers to guide me in my project?

Yes, we offer a turnkey solution, so we have a designer who will be able to bring your ideas to life.

Since when have you been in business?
Formax Plastics was originally founded in Montreal in 1966 and later relocated to Alexandria in the late 1980s.